Discover a unique investment proposition

Secure your wealth with gold.

Discover how simple and lucrative investing in gold can be with FXGlobe and Benchora.

Investing with Benchora provides returns that are uncorrelated with equities, bonds, and even the price of gold. Our returns are based on the physical trading activities and profits realized at each trade.

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Why gold?

As an investment, gold can play four fundamental roles in a portfolio.


Safeguard against market volatility

Long-term returns

Secure your financial future


Accessible without credit risk, surpassing fiat currencies

Portfolio optimisation

Improve your overall performance

Why Benchora?

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Licensed and experienced

Licensed by the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre with over 50 years of financial expertise.

Secure and insured

All physical gold is stored in heavily guarded, insured vaults.

Flexible investment terms

From short-term gains to long-term stability, choose what works best for you.

Cheaper, safer, easier.

Invest your money, get a return. It’s that simple.

Currency Balance 3 months 6 months 12 months
EUR Under 100,000 3.50% 3.95% 4.25%
More than 100,000 4.15% 4.35% 5.10%
USD Under 100,000 3.85% 4.35% 4.68%
More than 100,000 4.57% 4.79% 5.61%
AED Under 367,250 4.04% 4.56% 4.91%
More than 367,250 4.79% 5.02% 5.89%

*Longer terms available upon agreement.

Performance Projection.

See how your money would grow with a nominal investment of €100,000.

3-month investment

€101,037 (4.15% )

6-month investment

€102,175 (4.35%)

12-month investment

€105,100 (5.10%)

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Gold is your strategic asset.

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It preserves and protects your wealth

Gold has maintained its worth over centuries, offering a hedge against inflation and currency devaluation. Consider this: an ounce of gold purchased in 1990 is worth around 650% more today, far outpacing the stagnant value of cash.

It’s a shield for your portfolio, offering diversity and risk mitigation

The price of gold often moves inversely to stock markets, rising when other markets fall. This makes it a traditional "safe-haven" investment. During market turmoil, where stocks and shares decline, investors typically seek refuge in gold.

Gold is a reliable and long-term source of return

Investing in gold offers stable financial returns, especially over extended periods. Its diverse sources of demand give gold resilience and the potential to deliver solid returns in various market conditions.

Gold is a deep and liquid market

Unlike stocks, bonds, or even cash, gold is immune to the financial failures of others. Throughout history, gold has never devalued to zero. Presently, it trades within a highly liquid, globally accessible market. It’s also easily converted into cash.

How to invest

Discover the new, smarter way to add gold to your portfolio.

Benchora Bullion Trading

Invest without the hassle of physical ownership. We handle the trading while you enjoy the returns.

A standard of excellence in gold trading.

Market dynamics

Benchora’s daily trading volumes are variable, and not heavily linked to the price of gold itself. Instead, they are influenced by fundamental supply and demand factors.


Any physical gold is stored in heavily secured vaults, fully insured against theft and damage. The Benchora vaults are heavily fortified, with round-the-clock surveillance by multiple guards. All transportation of gold is conducted with armed guards.


Enjoy comprehensive insurance coverage tailored specifically to the risks associated with physical gold trading. With Benchora, your investment is not only secure—it’s also protected against all eventualities.


Benchora shareholders boast over 25 years of collective experience in the industry, coupled with over 50 years in the financial services sector. Supported by a dedicated team of over 20 staff members, the company office is in the renowned Gold Souk in Dubai.

Add gold to your portfolio today.

Invest in gold with FXGlobe and Benchora to secure your financial future.

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