Guaranteed returns on your uninvested cash.

Put your idle funds to work and earn competitive interest rates on your cash reserves.

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Sit back and watch your balance grow.

Increase your funds even when you’re not trading with our new Reliance Savings Accounts.

InterestPlus Savings Account

InterestMax Savings Account


Get started.

step 1

Open account

Open a Reliance Savings Accounts in the Client Portal

step 2

Deposit funds

Deposit funds by bank wire or internal transfer from a trading account

step 3

Start earning

Start earning interest on your uninvested cash


Frequently asked questions.

Uninvested cash balance is any money that you are not using for trading. You can transfer this money to a Reliance Savings Accounts and start earning interest.

Simply open a Reliance Savings Accounts and hold a balance. Interest is calculated daily on your cash balance and paid monthly.

Open a Reliance Savings Accounts and deposit funds to start earning daily interest on the cash in that account.

In your Client Portal, go to Accounts > New Account. Select InterestPlus Savings Account or InterestMax Investment Account. Choose the account details and confirm submission.

See the account comparison table below. 



InterestPlus Savings Account

InterestMax Investment Account


Savings account

Long-term funds placement 

Minimum deposit

200 EUR or equivalent USD & AED

1,000 EUR or equivalent USD & AED


Up to 3.45% EUR

Up to 3.75% USD

Up to 4.00% AED

Up to 5.10% EUR

Up to 5.61% USD

Up to 5.89% AED


Percentage is accrued on the daily balance

Fixed period percentage accruals with 3, 6, 9, or 12-month plans


In designated Vault Account: Interest VaultPlus Account

In designated Vault Account: Interest VaultMax Account



Dynamic. Fixed at the time of deposit and remains unchanged throughout the chosen term. May change periodically. 



End of term


Any time

End of term: early withdrawal is available without penalties to the initial deposit


No fees

No fees


Available to all FXGlobe clients

Available to all FXGlobe clients

The two Reliance Savings Accounts types, InterestPlus Savings and InterestMax Investment, are eligible for interest.

Currently, we offer interest on USD, EUR, and AED. We’re constantly working to enhance our services, so keep an eye out for the addition of new currencies.

The rates are fixed but may change from time to time.

Deposit at least 200 EUR or equivalent in the InterestPlus Savings Account and at least 1,000 EUR or equivalent in the InterestMax Investment Account.

Although the interest rate is annual, it’s calculated daily and paid monthly. Each day, the balance entitled to interest is calculated. This amount is multiplied by the daily interest rate. At the end of each month, the cumulative amount of interest is totaled and paid automatically no later than the 5th business day of the following month.


Calculation: Balance x interest rate / 360 



USD APY = 5.61%

USD balance = $10,000

Daily accruals = $10,000 x 5.61% / 360 = $1.558

Cumulative interest for 1 month (30 days) is $1.558 x 30 days = $46.74

Interest is accrued daily at 22.00 GMT.

Yes. You begin earning interest the day after depositing money in a Reliance Savings Accounts.

Interest payments are made monthly to your Vault account, five working days from the end of the calendar month.

Yes. Interest accrual transactions are accumulated every day. You will receive interest in your Vault account every month.