Jairo Alfonso Bonilla is an experienced professional in the world of Fin-Tech and Project Management.
He’s a native English/Spanish speaker, born in Colombia, raised in New York City and a citizen of the world, who loves connecting with people building bridges, and having fun while doing it.

Since 2005, Jairo has helped investors and IBs alike turn trading from a hobby into a sustainable Business using conservative trading strategies, AI technologies, and Modern Business Development strategies.

In 2009, Jairo joins the Fin-tech world as a professional IB, working with retail and professional traders, sophisticated investors, as well as IT developers specialized in AI trading algorithms.
He’s travelled through out Europe and LATAM, building IB businesses from the ground up, laying the foundations for sustainable growth.
Today, many of those enterprises are running successfully from Barcelona to Stockholm, Medellin, Mexico city, Santiago, and elsewhere.
As his long-time clients like to post “Growth, profit and good vibes go had in hand, when Jairo is involved!”