Meet Jose.

Learn to achieve reasonable targets using fundamental and technical price action analysis with Spanish Ambassador, Jose Basagoiti.

Latar Belakang.

Jose graduated from the prestigious BME University with a master’s degree in Financial Markets and has been trading since 2008. He’s loved economics for as long as he can remember—especially from the Austrian perspective. The best bit? Making consistent profits by applying the economic cycle to market fluctuations.

Gaya mengajar.

Jose is CEO and co-founder of TradingPRO, a trading firm whose principal challenge has been beating the benchmark for the last four consecutive years. His challenge is to do the same for the next 30 years—something that very few people have achieved.

Reputasi profesional.

Jose shares his trading expertise with audiences around the world. He writes for prominent media outlets like Investing.com, Finanzas.com, GNDiario, Libre Mercado, and Americano Media. He also appears on TV and radio through collaborations with Intereconomia.

Fakta bertubi-tubi.

Trader Mark Minervini and investor Stanley Druckenmiller are Jose’s biggest industry role models. Now an influential figure in his own right, Jose’s advice to his younger self would be, “Look for reasonable targets, don’t try to achieve utopian returns. There’s a lot of pollution in this sector.”

  • Most used trading strategies: Wyckoff, Elliott, and volume
  • Favorite financial instruments: Nasdaq-100, gold, and Bitcoin
  • Most interesting place traded from: Ibiza and Bali
  • Biggest post-trading stress-buster: sport
  • Number of positions opened on an average week: around 5 to 10
  • Favorite vacation memories: Riviera Maya and Holbox Island, Mexico

“Difficulty is what awakes genius”
– Nasim Taleb

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