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Enjoy our selection of premium trading tools.

Welcome to the FXGlobe trading arsenal. Equip yourself with these powerful trading tools so you can stay ready for whatever the markets have in store.

Reliable Tools

To trade successfully, you need reliable tools.

Having the right tools for the job makes all the difference. So, as the trusted tour guides on your trading journey, we arm you with a complete kit of modern resources. Find everything you need to plan your trades with precision and execute them with a cool head.

Trading Alerts.

Enjoy a wide range of alerts with Technical Insights by Trading Central—a regulated and licensed provider established for more than 25 years. These trustworthy signals tell you when to buy or sell to crank up your success rate.
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Economic Calendar.

This is the most basic but effective tool to increase your success. Stay updated on major events and announcements, then use this knowledge to your trading advantage. Be there before the market!


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Academy & Ambassadors.

The markets behave like wild animals, so stepping into the financial jungle can be scary. Our multilingual education, training, and support will build your skills and confidence.

Get stuck into videos, masterclasses, analyses, webinars, and so much more!

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