Unlock Smart Wealth with InterestMax by FXGlobe

Let your money do the work.

Grow your wealth passively with FXGlobe’s InterestMax account.

Earn interest on your funds. Make guaranteed cash—even when you’re not trading. 

Why InterestMax?

Whether you’re saving big or starting small, our InterestPlus Savings Account gives you competitive rates that help your balance grow.

Set it and forget it

Lock in your funds for 3, 6, or 12 months, and let the magic happen.

No surprises

Fixed rates mean consistent returns. No guesswork involved.

Accessible anytime

Early withdrawals? No problem and no penalties.

Competitive rates.

Here’s how much you could increase your balance.

CurrencyBalance3 months6 months12 months
EURUnder 100,0003.50%3.95%4.25%
More than 100,0004.15%4.35%5.10%
USDUnder 100,0003.85%4.35%4.68%
More than 100,0004.57%4.79%5.61%
AEDUnder 367,2504.04%4.56%4.91%
More than 367,2504.79%5.02%5.89%

How it works.

Sign up

Open an InterestMax Account from your Client Portal.

Deposit funds

Start with as little as €1,000 or equivalent.


Let your savings grow daily, get paid monthly.

Discover the smart way to increase wealth.

Accrue daily interest on your idle funds with no maximum balance limit, no fees, and no early withdrawal penalties.
Track performance

Get monthly updates on your accounts and earnings.

Interest payments

Delivered to your VaultMax every month, right on schedule.

Guaranteed returns

Your money keeps steadily earning, even on non-business days.

Frequently asked questions.

Go to Accounts > New Account and select InterestMax Investment Account. Choose the account details and confirm submission.

Currently, we offer interest on USD, EUR, and AED. We’re always working to enhance our services, so keep an eye out for the addition of new currencies.

The rates are fixed, but may change from time to time.

Deposit at least 1,000 EUR or equivalent.

Although the interest rate is annual, it’s calculated daily and paid monthly. 


Each day, the balance entitled to interest payment is calculated, and then multiplied by the daily interest rate. At the end of each month, the cumulative amount of interest is totaled and then paid automatically no later than the 5th business day of the following month.


Calculation: Balance x interest rate / 360 



USD APY = 5.61%

USD balance = $10,000

Daily accruals = $10,000 x 5.61% / 360 = $1.558

Cumulative interest for 1 month (30 days) is $1.558 x 30 days = $46.74

Interest is accrued daily at 22.00 GMT.

Yes. Interest is earned from the day that the user deposits money in his InterestMax Investment Account, starting from the following day.

When you open an InterestMax Investment Account, we open you a secondary account called Interest VaultMax Account. Accrued interest is credited to this account.

Interest payments are made monthly to your Interest VaultMax Account within 5 working days from the end of the calendar month.

Yes. Interest accrual transactions are accumulated every day. You will receive interest in your Interest VaultMax Account every month.

Build your long-term wealth.

Open your InterestMax account today to start earning.