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Technical Insights

Make confident trading decisions with expert signals powered by Trading Central.

Trading alerts that give you a market edge.


Introducing Trading Alerts by Trading Central.

Technical Insights, a.k.a. Trading Alerts, is one of today’s most essential tools. For more than 24 years, traders all over the world have been using it to improve their success rate. 

The alerts are based on technical analysis per asset class, symbol, and location. They provide a historical analysis of the behavior of a specific symbol, index, commodity, or market.

Now you can use this amazing tool in your trading sessions with FXGlobe!

How can you use
Trading Central?

To enjoy the benefit of Trading Central on the FXGlobe 
platform, follow these three simple steps.

Open your account

Register for an FXGlobe trading account and complete the identity checks.

Fund your account

Deposit funds to your account and access TC from your FXGlobe dashboard.

Set up and trade!

Set alerts for your preferred assets & get TC signals live on your charts with MT4 & MT5 plugins.

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