September Holidays 2023: Insights for Traders

Dear Client,
Please be informed,
That due to the upcoming Holidays on September 2023,
Trading hours will be adjusted as follows:

Instrument Name04th of September07th September29th of September18-19th September
MondayThursdayFridayMonday / Tuesday
US Indices SpotsEarly Close 20:00Normal HoursNormal HoursNormal Hours
US SharesClosedNormal HoursNormal HoursNormal Hours
MetalsEarly Close 21:30Normal HoursNormal HoursNormal Hours
NGASEarly Close 20:15Normal HoursNormal HoursNormal Hours
USOILEarly Close 21:30Normal HoursNormal HoursNormal Hours
UKOILEarly Close 21:15Normal HoursNormal HoursNormal Hours
JP225Early close 20:00Normal HoursNormal HoursNormal Hours
HK50Normal HoursNormal HoursEarly close 22:00Normal Hours
COFFEE FuturesClosedNormal HoursNormal HoursNormal Hours
COPPER FuturesEarly Close 21:30Normal HoursNormal HoursNormal Hours
NGAS FuturesEarly Close 21:30Normal HoursNormal HoursNormal Hours
COCOA FuturesClosedNormal HoursNormal HoursNormal Hours
USOIL FuturesEarly Close 20:15Normal HoursNormal HoursNormal Hours
USDCLPNormal HoursNormal HoursNormal HoursClosed
Brazilian Futures; BRL Forex PairsNormal HoursClosedNormal HoursNormal Hours

Lastly, please consider all the risks associated with trading. You may refer to our Legal Documentation on our website.

Please note, all time displayed are GMT +3.
If you require further assistance do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

Disclaimer: The information above is subject to change without notice due to unscheduled closures or liquidity issues


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